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Grant Application Guidelines

The main objective of the Alan and Jeanne Hall Foundation is to improve the lives of low-income families in Weber County and other areas of Utah. To accomplish the goal "that there be no poor among us", the Foundation recognizes that disadvantaged individuals, as well as all others, need proper healthcare, nutrition, education, employment, housing, safe and clean neighborhoods, adequate transportation, power over crime and addiction, and access to multiple recreational/cultural venues and activities.

To this end, charitable organizations seeking financial support should make requests that mirror the purposes of the Foundation. The Foundation's board of trustees meets annually, in February of each year, to assess and decide upon grant recipients for that year. To be included in the evaluation process, requests should be submitted prior to the end of each calendar year. All proposals should meet the following criteria in order to be considered: a request should be no more than two single-spaced typed pages; it should contain information on the anticipated use of the funds and its purpose, the amount of funds needed and over what specific period of time, who will be served and where, what results are expected, and how they will be measured and periodically reported.

In addition to the requested proposal, a history and an overview of the vision, mission statement and key strategies of the organization should also be included on a separate one-page document. Please also provide a list of trustees with their level of giving and a list of major contributors. A summary of last year's financial statement and the organization's 501(c)3 federal identification number are also requested.

Grant Application

The Hall Foundation is no longer accepting grant application requests for 2021.