Origins of the Alan and Jeanne Hall Foundation

As natives of Weber County, Alan and Jeanne Hall have always felt a great love and commitment to Ogden and its surrounding areas. The genuinely kind people, the rich history, and the beautiful scenery won them over long ago. Because of this deep connection to their home, the Halls have continually sought to make Weber County a better place – and what better way to do that than through a family-run foundation?

  • Alan
  • Jeanne

Alan & Jeanne Hall

While the Alan and Jeanne Hall Foundation originated in 1999, Alan and Jeanne were drawn to philanthropy and service long before that. As newlyweds, they set off to the jungle of Bahia, Brazil to serve as members of the Peace Corps to help lift and strengthen the poverty-stricken people there. They also found great joy as young parents in creating service-oriented family traditions, allowing their children to love and value philanthropy just as much as their parents – a trait which is now being passed onto the Hall grandchildren as well.

Standing behind this united desire to bless the lives of others, the Hall family has found great joy in creating the Hall Foundation. With each Hall child and their spouse serving as a board member and Alan and Jeanne serving as co-chair, they work together to determine where their donations can be of greatest benefit and bless the most lives. They strive to make every decision with their motto “No Poor Among Us” in mind and hope that those words will one day ring true in Weber County.